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Dental Bridges – Westhampton, NY

Fill in Gaps, Rebuild Your Smile

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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, it’s not always an all-or-nothing situation. Many people still have healthy and strong natural teeth left! In fact, in many situations, a partial or full denture may not be necessary, namely if you are replacing just one tooth or multiple adjacent teeth. That’s where a dental bridge could provide a realistic restoration and allow you to have a complete smile again! To see if a bridge in Westhampton is a solution you should consider, contact us and schedule a consultation today.

Why Choose Beach Dental for Dental Bridges?

  • Personalized Treatment Plan for Each Patient
  • Implants Placed In-House
  • 20+ Years of Clinical Experience

What is a Dental Bridge?

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Like its name suggests, a dental bridge works similarly to a bridge on the road. This restoration has two anchor points, one on each side of the gap, and prosthetic teeth to fill in the space between them. In total, a dental bridge consists of three or more crowns that are joined together with the outside crowns hollowed out.

Types of Dental Bridges

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Depending on your needs, you may have two options to consider for a dental bridge. During your consultation, we can discuss your various choices and recommend the one that will best help you achieve your goals and make your smile whole.

Traditional Dental Bridge

diagram of a traditional bridge

With a traditional bridge, the anchors are the two teeth that surround the missing teeth. They are slightly reduced so that the hollowed out ends of the bridge can fit over them without sticking out or changing the bite. Using these abutment teeth for stability, the bridge fills in the missing teeth with prosthetics that look just like the real thing!

Implant Bridge

diagram of an implant bridge

Instead of anchoring to natural teeth, an implant bridge attaches to posts that have integrated with the jawbone—just like real tooth roots. These implants mean that none of your pearly whites will need to be altered, which helps you hold onto your natural smile for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

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Whether you have a significant gap or are just missing one tooth, spaces in your smile allow your teeth to wander out of alignment, altering your bite. Replacing this gap with a dental bridge keeps your natural teeth where they should be. As a result, you can more easily and efficiently bite and chew your food for digestion. Also, knowing that you have a whole set of teeth can give you priceless confidence to talk, eat, and smile in front of others without embarrassment.

If you choose to get an implant bridge, you also have the benefit of reinforcing the jawbone, which not only helps preserve your natural teeth but also extends the lifespan of your restoration.